Pre-Press Molds 101

Rosin pre-press molds are very beneficial for rosin enthusiasts when it comes to time and yield. By using a pre-press mold, technicians can streamline the preparation process and save a lot of time when dealing with larger quantities. The mold compresses loose materials and creates a perfectly shaped 'puck' which will effortlessly fit into your rosin bag when dimensions have been chosen correctly. The mold also allows you to fit more material into each press bag while drastically lowering blowouts and breakages. Most rosin connoisseurs appreciate the time saved but will acknowledge the main reason for pre-presses are for its increased yield. The pre-press allows for even distribution of heat and pressure on the pre-pressed material, which have been associated with higher yields. When choosing pre-press molds also consider choosing CNC milled and anodized plates for quality and durable plates. This will provide you with the highest and accurate specs while also being corrosion-resistant. Some manufacturers will also provide a colour-coating to your pre-press mold for a beautiful finish. Have any questions or concerns about pre-press molds? Hit us up at for the highest customer service in the rosin game. #ahigherstandard